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What we do

XTRON TECHNOLOGY provides a broad range of SERVICES & SOLLUTIONS ranging from designing, supply and commissioning of controls systems to TOTAL FACILITIES MANAGEMENT of the complete buildings/facilities.

We are also specialized in HVAC systems, HOME & Industrial Automation systems, VAVs for perfect thermal indoor climate, BILLING systems & ENERGY audits. We provide standard as well as customized designs ranging from Electrical distribution boards to High End cloud based data storage and computing.

XTRON has the concept of “One Source, One Responsibility” which combines various products & services, allowing for better co-ordination for client and easier integration of systems.

We have well trained and experienced personnel with years of proven track records for each of the fields that we operate in, which enables efficient operation and handling of projects at hand.



HARD FM Services
  • MEP maintenance
  • Building maintenance
  • Energy management
SOFT FM Services
  • Facade cleaning
  • Landscaping
  • Waste management and more

We take care of residential/office buildings, villa communities, corporate campuses
and retail chains.


A well designed and commissioned BMS can help the client to efficiently operate, schedule and monitor the BMS HVAC, Electrical Plumbing equipment’s.

BMS is an essential part when it comes to economically using the power consumptions of the building, which when well-designed, commissioned and maintained by a specialized BMS service provider. Also, the units when well monitored and scheduled can perform well within its design ratings and any maintenance required can be estimated well in advance. By providing latest in line of these system, the distance between the client and their system in operation become of no concern, since the system can be operated from any part of the world through internet.

Drastic improvement in power consumption, time & man hour required for maintenance of the equipment are see when provided with a state of the art BMS.


We provide controls and related services for industries which require following of specific strict guidelines for their operation. These, can be very complex sequence of operations, custom made controls designs, hazardous area classifications and etc.

PLCs for Simplex, redundant and for outdoor application can be provided with complete compliance with the requirement


All kinds of starter panels, such as DOL, Star/Delta, Soft starters and Starter panels for variable motors with VFD, DDC panels and HVAC control panels with power and controls assembled in a single panel can be designed, assembled and commissioned at site.

All required standards and guide lines provided by ADDC will be followed for these panels.

Only reputed, tried and tested brands are used to assemble these panels.


VAVs are one of the most widely used HVAC units for conditioning the living space. When designed and commissioned by an expert it over comes many of the issues that are prevalent in other system. The most noticeable advantages are very low noise level, no chilled water lines, no cold air dumping, very little or no maintenance at all & the air quality in itself is much better.

We are the authorized distributors for M/S. HC Barcol Air products, who are leading VAV and its related controls supplier in the GCC.


We offer our services for inspecting and accessing the total energy consumption. Provide detailed report and solutions to improve the efficiency.


The main reason for inefficiency of most systems is the use of old and obsolete controls which use limited logics and more often do not work to its full potential. We access the complete system and provide a solution oriented report, so that the client can take an informed decision on rectifying or replacing the old system in place. The replacement of the system is done with the latest, more flexible and robust system with keeping in mind the minimal down time of the building equipment.


No system works to its potential until and unless it is maintained well. We at XTRON TECHNOLOGY focus on providing the most economical and professional maintenance services of control systems so that any fault in the system can be noted and replaced before it creates further interruptions in the process. Detailed report of the system are provided on a monthly or quarterly basis depending on the client’s requirement.