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We in XTRON TECHNOLOGY are specialized in HVAC control design, supply and commissioning of the complete system. We serve in smallest project to the most reputed, standard designs as well as custom requirements by the client, the retro fits having oldest of controls to the latest of automation technology available.

We aim to provide single source, single responsibility, and turnkey solution to the client, and continue the good faith through annual maintenance contracts of the system commissioned.


Building Management

A well designed and commissioned BMS can help the client to efficiently operate…

Variable Air Volume

VAVs are one of the most widely used HVAC units for conditioning the living space.

Industrial Automation
(PLCs & RTUs)

We provide controls and related services for industries which require following of specific strict guidelines for their operation.

Energy Audit

We offer our services for inspecting and accessing the total energy consumption. Provide detailed report and solutions to improve the efficiency.

HVAC Control

All kinds of starter panels, such as DOL, Star/Delta, Soft starters and Starter panels for variable motors with VFD, DDC panels and HVAC control panels

Building Retrofit

The main reason for inefficiency of most systems is the use of old and obsolete controls which use limited logics and more often do not work to its full potential.

we’re here to help you get started in the right direction with your project.

Our Vision

To be the leading company for controls and industry automation requirements in GCC.

Our Mission

To design and provide the most efficient automated system, with seamless connectivity.

Our Values

Transparency, Integrity, Commitment, Valuing Client Needs & Striving for innovation.

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